Friday, September 29, 2006

Hell is full! that’s y I’m bck!

Too catchy nah? found over a guy’s T shirt passing by. I had a lot of questions to ask him. Find some of them below(Add in the comments section if you hav any questions to ask):

1. Why the hell did you go, if there’s place on earth for you to return?

2. Did you find more software engineers or master degree students ? ;-)

3. Are you planning to go back sometime later?

4. Is it rebirth or your current birth? If you returned as the same character, you must be a sadist. Why do you want to spoil the happiness of your friends n relatives?

5. If there is an option to return back, I too would like to join you on your next trip as I dont get any other chance.

Previously I had known only philosophers and some great men writing quotes. Nowadays even T-shirt vendors make good quote writers :-)

The one below is too good!

If you find them interesting, there is much more @ to feast.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Breaking nuts in 21st century

A recent funny incident lingered in my mind for a while and this naughty mind found a reason to redecorate this space again, letting off the fumes by the way. This scene happened last weekend when my friend was waiting for me outside Adyar Anand Bhavan while I was getting Pav Bhaji to eat for lunch. Starved poor me :-(

He looked concerned from a distance, talking to someone(I guessed it to be a guy, since their conversation appeared serious) on his mobile. I went close to him and started munching. Then started an unintentional eavesdropping.

Friend: How do you want it single or combined, I mean in two ...?
(A pause from my friends side, listening to the person at the other end)
Friend: The previous one which I suggested didn't work out?
(I assumed that he was getting queries from his sub ordinate or something might have screwed up in his project)
Friend: Let me think of some alternate solution for this. I ll call you back as soon as I get it.
(some bug in the code...I guessed)
I was thinking of advising not to take office work out of office and that too on such weekends and also give him a lecture of work life balance as usual ;-) After he ended the call, I asked him to find out whether it was any serious issue.

He heartily laughed and said it was a call from his colleague cum friend(a girl!) asking him to suggest options for setting up an Email id for her in Gmail.

Iyyo Iyyo...Do you think these ppl will come up in life?

Friday, September 22, 2006

F1 minus Schumacher!

Michael Schumacher retires from F1
Sep 11th, The Hindu

There were concerns raised and debate held across the world on him calling it a day. But there was one reason for this announcement which many were hardly aware of. Now, to the whole world, it is publicized through this document. He had, through grapevine came to know about our team preparing for the Karting championship :) Yes. It’s obvious; a seven time F1 champion wouldn’t like to end his career with a loss.
(Well it goes without saying, Schumi's fans are not reading further!!)

It was a thrilling project party everyone had been anticipating for a while. The decision to go for karting was made unanimously, the sole reason being adventure loving enthusiastic racers in the group. Experiences, good and bad in driving were widely discussed amongst ourselves with each one preparing themselves mentally fit for the race. Speed has always fascinated mankind either as a part of audience or as a contestant and was evident from wheel being his one of the first creations. The taste for success in racing has not left anyone uninterested in it which was proved by the 100% participation of the population. Those who have not even participated once in this kind of race are to be seen with pity.

A ten minute quick ride on a perpendicular from Shols junction would take you to Checkpost on ECR. Turning right, within 200m reach is Kart attack, the Go-Karting arena. The race circuit was a relatively smaller one but helped conducting a five minute race. The Kar (pronounced as ‘car’) was built in less aerodynamic style compared to F1 car, missing the basic parts of a car like gears, neck rest etc. on the whole giving a ‘comical’ look to it. The Kar had three main controls, accelerator (on the right), brake (to the left) and the steering wheel(centre). Each racer fell into one of the categories of drivers like leisure drivers, aggressive drivers, and funny drivers. While the aggressive drivers won the game, the funny drivers stole the show by their antics.

Statutory warning:
Actions described below are not to be imitated on roads. Accidents guaranteed!

For most of the racers, it was their first attempt at a high speed circuit like this one. Initial research on the track statistics revealed that a skilled driver could complete 12 laps in the circuit in the five minute brakeless drive. The audiences were eagerly awaiting a memorable event ahead, betting on their favorite cars. The contestants donned skull caps and helmet over it to protect the skull and inserted themselves into the open cockpit. Cars 4,5,6,8 were positioned at the start line ready to race. The little monster roared as the engine was ignited. The flag was signaled and the race began.

Partha, one of the finalists, stands by his name demonstrating his driving skills.

Car #8 (the funny driver) was initially taking test drives, checking the acceleration and brakes, hence made a slow start. No sooner the race started, #8 barged into the fence built on the right side of the race track and attracted three attendants for its rescue. As soon as the car was released from the fence, it bumped into the left fence keeping the three car attendants to run behind it most of the time during the race. On finding the cause for these initial hiccups, these accidents were due to the driver wearing the helmet with eyes partly hidden. :-)

At the same time, the contest was heating up due to cars #4 and #5 competing with each other driving aggressively with car #6 following them steadily. The chicanes and corners required dexterity in handling the steering. There was heavy work for the right leg compared to the left which had almost little action to do. At the second corner, driver in the car #4 braked to regulate the speed to get through the most difficult turn of the track making the car turn almost 360 degree with a noise of tyres screeching, leaving the drivers heart come out of mouth for a moment, creating a panic amongst the audience waiting for their race. By this time, car #6 took advantage of this mishap to car #4 and found it competing against car #5 which had completed its first lap successfully. Car #4 regained speed and came rushing to follow the cars ahead of it. The second lap’s first corner almost topsy turved the car #5 throwing the driver unhurt (luckily!) out of it forcefully.

The race appeared fierce in the final laps when car #6 and car #4 competed for the prized moment of winning. The car #4 cleverly gave a little leeway to other cars to overtake it. But car #6 maneuvered skillfully, sliding past car #4 and getting ahead of it to reach ahead of the attendant with a chequered flag marking the end of the race. The audience welcomed the winner by cheering and waving their hands. In the end, car #8 had completed only two full laps in the five minutes, the statistics revealed humorously.

Car 6 driver while interviewed by the local media said:

It was a remarkable day for me and the weather too played a conducive role for the contest to be held up here. It is spirit of winning and achieving that keeps me going. Thanks to the supporters for keeping my gusto alive through continuous encouragement!

The project party ended in style paying tribute to Schumacher, the racing legend. The speedster though retired from F1 has left behind many racers like us inspired.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Uri Adi @ Shols!

The pic on the left could also go as "What happened next??" kindof question in a Quiz round. Uri adi was a part of Onam celebs at Shols, Chn. Ours was the only team which came mentally prepared to attempt this competition. During strategic planning for this game, I was chosen to be on top, considering my physique. Though a bit nervous initially, I gradually recollected my previous attempt of pricking the balloon competition held as a part of farewell party at CECRI (the golden olden days) and felt confident. I swear my focus was only on the pot and not anywhere else(unusually ofcourse!).

On Sep 7th, the brave guys(of course our team mates!!) gathered in the lawns where competition was held. A troup of drum beaters specialised in traditional kerala music were entertaining the audience while audience were tapping feet to its tunes.

The organizer called upon the teams to perform and could find only one team ready for the game and that was ours..hee hee.

Making our trial attempts to win the competition, we all toppled down and one among our guys got a minor injury too. In this trial attempt, I could feel that I was feeling imbalanced at the top and the contest appeared tougher when we were asked to break the pot with a coconut. I was determined to hit the target and said myself "If I would fall I would somehow break the pot and fall". It was a do or die! situation for me.

Then started the real game. Ours was a lotus strategy which was 6+3+1 formula with all members slowly raising up together. The foundation was made concrete and strong with six big boys clustering and clasping their arms over one another. The drummers came closer to us and started playing and the audience too, making me nervous. I had to form the third tier so I was waiting on the ground. The second tier was built and I had to start. I couldn't think of where to keep the coconut in my hand since I was already feeling imbalanced with nothing in my hands when I was on top. No other go! I had to keep it on my right hand and started climbing the first tier and the second. I was balancing with one feet on left guy's shoulder and another feet on the guy at the right, holding the collars of the guy on my left for support. I was pleading them to raise slowly so that I wont topple down. To me, falling down was not at all a problem but falling down without hitting the target mattered most and there were audience too who were concentrated to see the events happening. Thinking not to give them a chance to have a laughter at our fall, I kept low, focussed and looking over my head to check out the reach of the target. But it was too high. These thoughts swept over my mind when I was in the position as shown in the pic. Slowly the second tier guys started rising up and I had to shift my grip from the left guys collars to his head. I thought of holding his hair. Alas! The guy had recently tonsured his head and there was little grip for me to hold. Concurrently I could feel our height rising. The volume of the drums too rose, making the scene scintillating. Anxiety grew among audience and people were agape. I lifted my head, feeling my position comfortable and more balanced and now I could see the pot close to my reach. I lifted my hand and striked the pot once. It shattered to pieces !!!!! hurrah!!!! It was a great relief to me and our team which was overjoyed. I had a sense of thrill after a very long time during this event.

We managed to break the pot in 4 might ask did we win?? No :-( our strategy was not rite)...we dint concentrate on timings and hence other teams who worked on a diff strategy managed to break it in less than 4 minutes....thereby pulling us out of competition.....

But this team - me did win the first place in the Kairu pulling competition(Tug-of-war)......