Thursday, September 28, 2006

Breaking nuts in 21st century

A recent funny incident lingered in my mind for a while and this naughty mind found a reason to redecorate this space again, letting off the fumes by the way. This scene happened last weekend when my friend was waiting for me outside Adyar Anand Bhavan while I was getting Pav Bhaji to eat for lunch. Starved poor me :-(

He looked concerned from a distance, talking to someone(I guessed it to be a guy, since their conversation appeared serious) on his mobile. I went close to him and started munching. Then started an unintentional eavesdropping.

Friend: How do you want it single or combined, I mean in two ...?
(A pause from my friends side, listening to the person at the other end)
Friend: The previous one which I suggested didn't work out?
(I assumed that he was getting queries from his sub ordinate or something might have screwed up in his project)
Friend: Let me think of some alternate solution for this. I ll call you back as soon as I get it.
(some bug in the code...I guessed)
I was thinking of advising not to take office work out of office and that too on such weekends and also give him a lecture of work life balance as usual ;-) After he ended the call, I asked him to find out whether it was any serious issue.

He heartily laughed and said it was a call from his colleague cum friend(a girl!) asking him to suggest options for setting up an Email id for her in Gmail.

Iyyo Iyyo...Do you think these ppl will come up in life?

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