Friday, September 29, 2006

Hell is full! that’s y I’m bck!

Too catchy nah? found over a guy’s T shirt passing by. I had a lot of questions to ask him. Find some of them below(Add in the comments section if you hav any questions to ask):

1. Why the hell did you go, if there’s place on earth for you to return?

2. Did you find more software engineers or master degree students ? ;-)

3. Are you planning to go back sometime later?

4. Is it rebirth or your current birth? If you returned as the same character, you must be a sadist. Why do you want to spoil the happiness of your friends n relatives?

5. If there is an option to return back, I too would like to join you on your next trip as I dont get any other chance.

Previously I had known only philosophers and some great men writing quotes. Nowadays even T-shirt vendors make good quote writers :-)

The one below is too good!

If you find them interesting, there is much more @ to feast.


Anonymous said...

Hm....? it's been a while since I had such interesting Q & A sessions....

Shrinivas said...

Could hav been wonderful if u would hav left ur name imprinted