Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fiction @ Google

For scientists and innovators it appeared to be an absurd idea. His friends and relatives labeled him as weird. Everyone thought it was not at all practical to implement the phenomena he has come up with. To others he seemed to be dealing with an impossible idea.

His inquisitive mind had been keen on carrying out his experiment for the past 25 years. His confident look showcased that he was not of the kind who could easily give up. Can you imagine how long it would take for others to carryout a similar experiment if it has took 25 years for a person with such a horse sense? His out of box thinking did not require him to don a thinking hat. With his keen observation he had to analyze for years and had come to a solution now. He always seemed to be going in the right direction.

“I know if my idea worked, it would create an impact that would revolutionize the world.” He said to himself. “Eureka! This is no luck”. He laughed mightily with lots of energy while the whole world outside came to a standstill.


Anonymous said...

Good Creative Work

Shrinivas said...

Shedding cloud when are u planning to shed?