Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Quite relieved...I m

Quite reLIVEd...

This was one of the gruelling extensions of my study life, Shrinivasan.stu. I had to again dust the books filled with technical details and clear an exam, not to be taken easily, it was a J2EE exam. An exam 'meant' to decide my ratings n hence career. Really? I wonder.

My seniors, in college, used to tell "jollya padira". Does anyone know how to do that? Isn't it an oxymoron? I devoted my four precious weekends entirely preping, quit writing blogs, and stopped thinking about writing, suspended going to gym for a week, paused reading novels for two weeks, spent relatively less time responding to calls, messages, scraps. I found it difficult convincing my friends n relatives saying I couldnt spend time with them becos of this exam.

I abhor, detest, hate, dislike(though all mean the same, stressed to denote my extreme hatred) activities which prevent my free flow, my lazy being, in the sense, preventing from doing activities of my interest at my own pace. I had to run with time, catching up with it at its astronomical speed from getting lost in the crowd.

I frequently thought "Which sadistic mind would have come up with this cruel way of torturing masses?" by coming up with a way of judging/differentiating through exams. When you cannot achieve some target, you start blaming the game is flawed. That was what my mental state was, and no regrets for such thought as it was torturing to the extent uncomparable to any form of pains which I have encountered.

Finally, I cleared off Shrinivasan.stu.

Lesson I learnt : There are many ways of doing things. Do it in a smarter way!

You see its easy guys ;-). ReLaXXXXXXX!

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Anonymous said...

See, now you would be happy to say "jollya padira"...