Tuesday, November 21, 2006

1 Birth isnt enuf :-(

This blog is going to be the longest one comprising of more than many thousand words.......Wait !!before you close this browser!!

For those who are bored reading only text so far there is a relief of course! And how?
This is gonna be a picture blog and a picture is worth thousand words. Ha! Ha!!

The most beautiful picture in my collection. The beauty of the Humayun tomb is amplified by the presence of the charming baby(or babe??) in the front.For my closest friends, suspecting about my real intentions, the truth is "I honestly claim that only the baby was in focus".

This structure was raised to honour the martyrs who died in battles in Afghan, Persia, Panipat.Needless to say it is India Gate, Delhi.

I liked this pic much. No specific reasons, except for my appearance as a local Delhiwala guide.With little practice, I too can become a good guide, I felt.

A Camel and a Lion in the pic. he.. he..
To prove I was in Jaipur, Rajasthan I had to look out for a fully decorated Camel.

These pictures were few snapshots of my family trip to Delhi. For those missing Agra in these photos, there is a note. I did not go to Agra as I reserved that place for a special occasion. Bye Fellas!! Im busy planning for my next trip to Goa in Dil Chatha hai style with Friends!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Band S.i.L.K

Me, Figaru and karadi, the guys in Chennai, for the first time did really a thing worth mentioning last week. We gathered at Music Academy, Royapettah to watch Band SiLK performing. An Indo-Jazz fusion musik troup which had big shots like Shankar Mahadevan, Sivamani, Louis Banks, Karl Peters and Sridhar performing. The captivating three hour programme, kept us guessing which instrument produced the lub dub of a heartbeat, birds chirping, breeze blowing and other acoustical aura. I got to hear Breathless in Live, Varaga Nadi karai Oram from Shankar on his finishing note. The greateesssst percussionist Sivamani entralled and stunned me n rest by his superior performance. A man with jus two hands who cud handle more than 30 instruments around him. He was AWESOME!! Figaru and Karadi were engrossed in Karnatic while I was unable to overcome from jazz spell coming from Karl Peter's instrument. That was a time and money worth spent and worth mentioning it here.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Search never ends...

Have you observed we all keep searching one thing or the other in life?When we get hold of one, we search for the something better. The search parameter differs everytime though the search window remains the same. If at any point in life, we ask ourselves why do we go for it and what happens if I get what Im searching the answer remains the same....'Silence'. No one ever has accomplished his dreams as it grows bigger and bigger till he stumbles upon a small failure which whips harshly to remind, U need to improve. Our Search never ends!

Everything will seem to be funny when you assume yourself to be a third person and watch things happening to you and around you. I have observed it personally.It makes things look at ease when you become the third person instead of first unless you are extremely sympathetic about other people, which rarely one is.This reminds me of a quote I read at a Sify iway.

"Don't tell your worries to others, 70% don't care and 30% are happy that you are worried!"