Friday, November 10, 2006

Band S.i.L.K

Me, Figaru and karadi, the guys in Chennai, for the first time did really a thing worth mentioning last week. We gathered at Music Academy, Royapettah to watch Band SiLK performing. An Indo-Jazz fusion musik troup which had big shots like Shankar Mahadevan, Sivamani, Louis Banks, Karl Peters and Sridhar performing. The captivating three hour programme, kept us guessing which instrument produced the lub dub of a heartbeat, birds chirping, breeze blowing and other acoustical aura. I got to hear Breathless in Live, Varaga Nadi karai Oram from Shankar on his finishing note. The greateesssst percussionist Sivamani entralled and stunned me n rest by his superior performance. A man with jus two hands who cud handle more than 30 instruments around him. He was AWESOME!! Figaru and Karadi were engrossed in Karnatic while I was unable to overcome from jazz spell coming from Karl Peter's instrument. That was a time and money worth spent and worth mentioning it here.

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