Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Search never ends...

Have you observed we all keep searching one thing or the other in life?When we get hold of one, we search for the something better. The search parameter differs everytime though the search window remains the same. If at any point in life, we ask ourselves why do we go for it and what happens if I get what Im searching the answer remains the same....'Silence'. No one ever has accomplished his dreams as it grows bigger and bigger till he stumbles upon a small failure which whips harshly to remind, U need to improve. Our Search never ends!

Everything will seem to be funny when you assume yourself to be a third person and watch things happening to you and around you. I have observed it personally.It makes things look at ease when you become the third person instead of first unless you are extremely sympathetic about other people, which rarely one is.This reminds me of a quote I read at a Sify iway.

"Don't tell your worries to others, 70% don't care and 30% are happy that you are worried!"

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