Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bloggers around the Globe babble

A very good news for Bloggers around the Globe!!

www[dot]blogger[dot]com has gone out of Beta phase and is into production. Its lightning fast after this upgrade and quite easy uploading posts. Has got few web 2.0 features added. Sivakani and Amjathkhan are quite lucky fellow bloggers, long time college buddies of mine, who recently started blogging needn't experience the long waiting time anymore while uploading posts.

Coming back to the point,

Not everyone is blessed with the gift of the gab, but few manage to talk senselessly. Not everyone can use words as swords, but few manage to blog :) Let alone this post. But there are really quite few extraordinary people who are making a difference with their blogs and this space wont suffice making a list of them. For those who wish to meet these extraordinary people gathering at a single place in Chennai may attend the wikicamp, an unconference, by registering themselves at

But why bloggers are required for Wikicamp:

Is it because bloggers access Wiki most of the time? Or
Is it because most of the bloggers are technical wizards who would help enhancing Wiki? Or
Is it because bloggers are the only creative people? Or
Is it because bloggers spread news faster? Or
Is it a blogger's meet like 'blogcamp' again?

Lot more questions, have to find out.I would be quite happy to see Jimmy wales, the founder of wiki at the meet.

The event is to be held at Tidel Park,Chennai on the 25th Feb.

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