Friday, February 02, 2007

Freud on 'Decision making'

A recent read in a local magazine that would help in making decisions, suggested by Freud.

This technique is applicable only when there are only 2 likely outcomes.

If you are not able to really decide between two choices in hand, toss a coin. This is a normal technique which almost any layman would know if he had watched old Amitabh or Rajini movies. Freud would have remained a common man if he would have stopped here. But Freud went further to say, Based on the outcome of tossing a coin, your inner mind is likely to know which decision you would really like to make. Go Ahead with the one!

You will thank me for this post if you use this approach in making some of your life's vital decisions.


Karthik Sivakkani said...

freud words adds value to this article

Balasubramanian Ganapathy Subramani (Bala) said...

Kalakkaraa NSS.. Neeyumm immanuel mathiri PSycho subjectlaa padikka aarambichuttainnu ninaikaraen..!!!

Shrinivas said...

Hey Bala..Don u remember us discussing psychology in college itself?

Deepa said...

hmm.. if i had taken life's decisions like that.. i wud have become more confused.. :)

Anonymous said...

good point da. i guess that s absolutely true. And i still remember you used to bring up psychology in some conversation everyday during hostel days... keep writing!!!