Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Online Journalism

There is a widespread view among my friends and colleagues that blogging is a “waste of time”, “it is jobless people’s job”. Ignorance results in such views. To wipe out this ignorance, read further.

Blogging in its true sense is online journalism. But it means different to different people. Some use it as online diary or a travel log and some as a collation of expertise in their area of interest. The secondary benefit of blogging, I consider is the associated learning of cutting edge web technologies. In general, it could be seen as a portal to voice one’s concern/views.

From quite sometime, I have been wondering how money is generated from blogs by using adsense. Digital inspiration shows staggering statistics how much money Amit Agarwal, a blogger generates per day/month. The concept is like, put up Google ads on your blog and get paid. The amount you get paid depends upon the number of visitor hits to your blog. By attracting more people to visit your page, you can make a huge sum of money. Attracting people to your page necessitates one to write quality content.

There are many other channels of making money through blogs like donations, blog consulting, Affiliate programs etc. This month’s Digit is giving away a supplement on blogging which covers all the aspects of this online log. A must read!

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Karthik Sivakkani said...

amazing and unbelievable
need to improve my blog a lot