Friday, March 21, 2008


Neruppu Nari my web dev colleagues funnily call it.

I hadn't much known about the resourcefulness of this browser till I was a tester. But this post is for the non-geeky casual users of browsers.

If you want a browser that can do a lot in a Single interface without crashing down frequently, then firefox is known for it.

Apart from the tabbed browser(which IE has stolen) concept, there are plenty of useful add-ons, which will make ur browsing a rich experience. The bookmarks facility is very very helpful, but it consumes a bit of RAM, but there's an alternative in case you have lot of links to bookmark by adding as plug-in to replace the conventional bookmarks provided by firefox.

Being a bit lazy in calculating time differences between other countries and India, I used foxclocks plug-in which shows different timezones on your taskbar while you have firefox open.

A sticky reminder you want. Use internotes plug-in.

Do not bang firefox with loads of plug-in, I cannot help you from its nasty behaviour towards you.

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