Saturday, April 26, 2008

Find me, Follow me


Instantly know what people whom you know are doing at this moment! I have heard about this service an year ago and its simple felt cool one!

Works best in the US network.

Its all about

You can follow me at

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Puzzle to solve - a digi trick

This man has been following me whenever i come under a bright light -for the past 26 years ? I somehow captured him in the cam. 

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chronicles of funny debacle[s]

This is all about the quirkyness of way things work in different part of the world and how inexperienced mind experiences it in its own way.

Have you lost all of your baggages in your first international flight trip?

Have you got a letter posted to someone, dropped at your home the next day?

Have u got a bad credit history in the very first transaction?

Have you shared a laptop battery charger for a week with someone?

Have you been in 6 projects in 8 months time?

Have been asked to return to India twice within 2 weeks?

Still logging....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Discussion on MAC around the globe

Conversation Between Friends(Chennai)
Ganesh:-yappa sami, Srini Laptop vangunalum vangunaru, eppo inbox a pathalum ore LapTop Mails
Sundar:ennathu Srini laptop Vangittanaaa?
Ganesh:Appidithan nanum nenaikaren. But am not Sure! summa dagaltiya irrundhalum irrukkum.
Mobile starts Ringing.... bill theme, so its my(Ganesh) Mobile....
yaarnu Patha Iyer....
Iyer:Hi ganja eppdi irukking, Some formalities has completed, then ganja srini laptop vangitaanaam,  theriyumaa!
Ganesh:Appidithan nanum nenaikaren. But am not Sure! enna Aachu?
Iyer:Theriyalai, summa mail panna, atha pathen, appuram Mac laptop than vangirukkanam.
Ganesh:Mac a? appdina enna?etavathu sapadaratha?(Eatable)
Now Sundar Listening!
Iyer:yov, Mac na Laptop name, itula MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro nu neriya variety's irukku.
Ganesh:athu sari, athu nallava irukkum, eto oru hp compaq, lenova na ennakku therinju nalla irukkum!
Iyer:Kedayave kedayathu! Mac than best, ippa thabn en friend oruthan vangunanam, ennaku PDF anupunan. athula pathen, india la irukkurathu ellam laptop pe kedayatham, ellame lapbottom thanam! US la than LapTop Originala Kedaikumam!
Ganesh:appdiya. yarathu? yenga vangunan?
Iyer:avan peru Srini, ippa than Infosys la irtunthu onsite ponan.
Ganesh:Yov, ennakum sriniya theriyum ya, ithu ellam over a illa?
iyer:kedayave kedayathu. srini enakku than friend, unakku avan roommate.
Ganesh:wright vidunga, naren enna Mail le panrathu illa? any Loves?
Sundar:antha all poi love panrathavathu? ithukku indian hockey team gold vanguthu nu sonna kuda nambalam!
Iyer:chay chay! namma naren loves ellam panna maataan. but feel mattum than pannuvan!
Ganesh:Jesli ya patthi oru film vanthurukku! Yaratchum Patrhingala?
Iyer:enna padam ya?
Ganesh:Porukki nu than antha padam eduthaan, But jesli rangukku illay nu name change pannitaan, athan Sundhar C padam "Sandai"    .
Sunhar: Yei(Shouting and Start dancing).
Ganesh:yov ippa ethukku ithu ellam?
Sundar:naama pakarathukku oru super mokkai padam kedachachu!
Iyer:nice a cutting the phone.
Sundar:Continuing the dance......
Ganesh: Start Smoking>>>
Note:sittu Customers kuda busy a iruntha karanathinal intha conversation a attend panna mudiyala!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mac - A King's Computer

This is the one for really individualistic people(truly Americanistic!) - Enjoy using it. One cannot stop wondering looking at each of the features of the new MAC OS 10.5.2. Every feature is really amazing and way coool!! I was wondering if there was really any body in the world who could build amazing stuff like google and I see one which is way ahead of it, 

APPLE. An individual's true expression.

Simply superbb!!

Few of my mac pics below:

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Best things

The Best things in life always come late. Rarely they are explored by masses.