Monday, November 24, 2008

About me

I was trying to address this issue in Orkut. :))

After living 27 years I find answering this question a li'l tough. We all are people changing with time. We are growing day by day. So how can i describe something which is constantly changing. By observing a pattern? Well thinking about it, so far in my life there has been a pattern.

To be frank, I spent most of my time being idle - either sleeping with my eyes closed or staring, staying awake in the bed and thinking about something which might not happen. WTF? you may think. Thats the reality. In the few hours of my staying awake- I completed school, college and spent close to 5 years in office. Apart from doing these stuffs which an average human being does, I found something unique.

I have sudden, short burst of interest in few things which of course changes every 3 months and in these three months, I learn a lotttt, possibly which cannot be learnt if i constantly do it for more than a year. I like it. Its often connected in improving myself as an individual though few times I have observed wasting my time in unfruitful activities(as considered by others), which I feel one often must go through - to be seasoned. Its hasn't killed me, so it must have made me stronger. Okay !!

Too much about me ...lets start moving.

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