Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here I m

When you have tried out most of the things you want to do, read the topics you wanted to, visited the places you wanted to see, there comes a saturation in life, career making you think, What's next? I admit that I m no way successful, but have tried most of the stuff. A source of inspiration and motivation is lacking. 

Sometimes it strikes me as if I have been running away from the world, hiding from people,  living to stay in my own microcosm, not to be affected by other's thoughts, words. Am I being too sensitive, touchy? Am I being a person who is a socially withdrawn? I no more feel happy about anything. Nothing amuses me. Is everybody around my age feel the same way? I seriously find a less understanding of "Challenge". Are the hurdles in our way called "Challenge" or its something other than that?

There has been time in the past when pets brought happiness, writing blog caused happiness, being with friends, relatives brought happiness, but its not anymore the same. Life has become mundane where living has been a mere effort for being alive, just because we have been born.

Is this called mid life crisis or am i yet to see what life is ?

I would like to hear from friends on how they keep up their motivation in getting things going and make life interesting.

N.B.: I try to keep myself occupied with a certification exams, playing guitar, reading novels, newspapers, current affairs but still....


Kumarappan said...

marry da...

Shrinivas said...

Mr. Kumar ethanai kalyanam panni irukkeenga?? :)

Deepa said...

Hey Shrini.. Kumarappan is right... Marry.. ;)

I had exactly same feelings way back in 2006... See my post - Who am I?
Someone suggested to find a boyfriend :)

Well.. after I married, this question stopped popping in my head and after 2 yrs. now, I have begun to think about it again.