Saturday, January 31, 2009

Recommended reading

Lately I have got much interest in understanding the science behind things. I attribute this sense of research motivated by reading Zen and Art of Motorcycle maintenance, book I recently purchased from Amazon for 50 cents. This book is unique among the books I have read so far as it explains and differentiates "Classics" and "Romantics". Classics are people who see abstract things, find connection among them and they have a love of technology(like understanding motorcycle maintenance), while romantics are people who hate technology as it does not make much sense to them, but they are forced to live with it. It is a best seller book written about 40 years ago talking mainly about philosophy, metaphysics, rational thinking, science and the author explains it comparing to motorcycle maintenance.

I have a feeling of both understanding the concepts written in the book and at the same time it leaves me confused. I think that makes it ticking and I 'm half the way through the book. It would be thoroughly enjoyable reading this book along with another person who has same wavelength as me. It will then give me an opportunity to discuss and analyze the concepts explained throughout the book. Most of my reading is done in the train while going to and fro to work and it also serves the purpose of giving me the "geeky" feel in the train, like other fellow passengers. I hardly sleep in the train and it helps me stay active during the morning hours at work. Moreover the train journey does not bore as this book travels me through a philosophical jaunt.

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