Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Solution lies within

Man found solution for all his necessities within himself and with help from other men who dint have any tool other than their own brain. He started out from scratch - born without anything with him, in a forest, with only nature surrounding him and converted it into a place which is present now - in the form of tall buildings, moving objects, flying in them, walking on other planets, taming wild, building corporates, law and structure and what not?

Thinking about this made me find solution to my earlier post where I had raved and ranted about boredom and withdrawal from the world. I find some of the below possible solutions to those issues:

Connecting with new people: Monotony causes dullness and irritation. Trying to connect with people belonging to different backgrounds and perspectives will help us to come out of the shell. Some may have anxiety in making a start talking to new people. It is waay easy to speak than it appears. I have had some success in just changing my thought about strangers. Consider them as one of your close friends and talk to them as if you have known them for long and be aware that they also are human beings with similar reservations like us.

CREATE: This is the most happiest thing to do. To me it brings ultimate happiness and satisfaction. This desire has resulted in many inventions we use today. This is due to this craving, most of software engineers aspire for development work which gives a sense of fulfillment through creating something new. Creating a simple blog post out of one's own original thoughts bring happiness. In fact we all are in this world, cos of somebody's desire to create.

Do not let the mind idle: I have a mind which constantly keeps thinking. I m not sure if its due to more active neurons :) Leaving it to wander its course is dangerous. But if there is any difficulty in taming the daemon, there are some tricks to make it not wander. Listening to music is a good one.

One must be gifted doing a job which he loves to do. He may not need any of the above tips to be content.


Kumarappan said...

hey my tips da...

1. start the day with a positive (one which u like very much, can be songs, reading)
2. plan the day in advance even when it is weekend (like room cleaning, watching a favorite video, going for a short/ long walk) - when we plan for 4 hrs in a weekend, it will be definitely take 12 hrs because it is a weekend we do it at our usual pace :)

Shrinivas said...

I have started listening to music as the first thing in the day and also started carrying my ipod..it helps to divert