Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Street View

Have you ever wondered how could google maps display 360 degree street view of almost all the possible locations in America?

It seems Google has people who travel in their vehicle with a rotating camera on it top, taking 360 degree pictures of the places they visit. Couldn't believe it right? Its true and interesting.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What is Google doing?

Google, as I see combines enormous amount of data from different sources and presents in a unique, user friendly format. Though its outrageous to put it in such a simple form, I can't keep wondering about its recent innovation Google ocean.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Golden post

Today I'm happy to announce that this post contributes to my 50th post since I started writing it in Sep 2006. Whopping 2 and half years passed since. Though I have not made any significant blog post receiving millions of hits on my site, I feel happy about having written some pages with content from my own, original thoughts, sometimes after an analysis of few materials written by experienced authors. Currently my focus is on writing an analysis of "science behind things" interspersed with occasional ranting about other stuff.

For those who do not know about other bloggers cum cecrians, visit these amjath, balsu and kani links. Those who have enough time please feel free to visit these blogs, add comments on what you think about the material presented in it. Those who have stopped writing, I urge you guys to find time and start contributing again(get inspired man!!). For those who are silently blogging, please let the world know about your work. Happy blogging!

It has been found that 30 minutes of daily writing tremendously increases your writing skills, vocabulary and improves the organization of thought into words.