Saturday, September 12, 2009

Everything you desire - totally disappointing

I can't avoid being a harsh critic at "Harsh" cos his book fails to invoke any enthusiasm from the readers.Reading through the book, gave a feeling that it would never end. I should have caught the lack of author's creativity from the naming of the book itself which is as bland as the author and the contents of the novel. The brand IIM duped me into buying this book. It was yet another college life and there wasn't anything novel for the readers with the exception of management jargons.The characters failed to stay in the mind and disappeared before they could come out as a strong personality. Some of the sentences were appearing repeatedly and the use of cliches added to the disgust. The ending too dint create an impact for readers to remember. However it has definitely aroused a negative impact, for the critics to mock about. I start wondering if the author is really a product of IIM.

On Everything you desire - By Harshdeep Jolly.

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