Sunday, September 20, 2009

Unnai Pol Oruvan - Below expectation

Wanted to see Unnai Pol Oruvan to compare it with "A Wednesday" but the theatres were full as usual in Chennai on a Saturday evening.Cant people find better entertainment spot than a theatre? went to the beach with friends spent a couple of hours and one of them suggested for the Drive-in in the ECR.I managed to get a seat on the second row and saw the movie while getting wet in the rain. The movie failed to impress as it couldn't match the excellence of characters set up in the hindi version. A person who could speak Tamil with better pronunciation could have taken the role of Mohanlal thanks to his dialogues which were incomprehensible. There was humour at unnecessary places to obstruct the flow of a serious, gripping movie. Kamal couldnt fit into a "common man" role neither Lakshmi's expressions were appropriate.

The last scene could have been more implicit than the one shown. Could manage to get a 2/10.

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