Monday, June 14, 2010

getting back blogger

I'm concentrating on two things currently since there are so many things in the world to keep myself busy. I want to do a lot of things but 24 hrs is not sufficient. I know I sleep a lot but its mandatory for me to function normally. It was quite easy this time to concentrate on these two things as it came to my mind naturally something that I have done for a continuous period even in the past. Going to Gym and Practicing guitar. And have been quite successful in keeping up the momentum thanks to my client and my boss.

Gym is giving my muscles lot of stress and I could hear their tears. I m concentrating more on my arm as I m happy to some extent with my chest and abs. Good for them! It gives them the strength to handle tougher situations i.e. when I carry heavy suitcases :) I thought of ju jitsu and kickboxing instead of gym but thought if I would be successful with going to gym regularly i can take up one of them but my kickboxing class fell apart since the class was not as I expected. It dint have the toughness training, it was more like a fitness training for the ladies. So I quit on Day 1. In the fitness part, I may look forward for bollywood dance. Dance is something that I always wanted to do but dint get an oppurtunity to. The previous attempt was learning Salsa at Flyerz which dint take off as the guy would inform me when there was a group for Salsa. Hope the group never formed as I dint receive any notification from him.


Karthik Sivakkani said...

Gym and Guitar.... good and what about your blog?
Hope to will c u next with 6pack NSS!

Shrinivas said...

Not trying to get 6 packs. It requires devotion of time and strict diet. I will find it hard. Moreover girls do not like guys with six packs and gym body..they like fit people :)

Edward Mathis said...

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