Sunday, July 18, 2010

idle mind

I was thinking the other day about how idle mind works in me. The idle mind comes into picture when I have settled at a place for sometime and my project is stabilized and things are going steady and cool.

This idle mind starts to devise some plan that would alter the peaceful life that has been going through. It tries to stir up the calmness, trying to bring in some excitement and adventure. Most of the times it tries to implement which it has not tried before so as to expand its limitations.It finds ways to travel new places and explore new options like adventure sports . The idle mind sees most of the people limiting themselves from doing something which was prohibited just because their parents and environment taught so?

The other day a colleague said he cannot eat egg as he finds eating it brings a sense of guilt. If this were my mind, it would try to eat as many eggs or whatever so as to relieve it self from the sense of guilt. This way it could expand and free from one more limitation it has been imposed on. These self imposed restrictions become irrelevant during a course of time. But we tend to still hold on to it.

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Karthik Sivakkani said...

Thats good if ur mind is taking on adventure, broad view, nevertheless some things should not be changed such as what is right or what is wrong (virtue).