Monday, November 15, 2010

host a site on the internet

I was looking for a long time for some options to have a web site hosted on the internet. And of course a low cost option till the site starts generating money. I searched various forums and came across The basic plan is the bronze plan which costs $12/year. Cant be cheaper than that.

Some of the features that I found interesting on the Control panel were:
  • a phpMyAdmin interface
  • a ftp site
  • any number of email addresses
  • a single domain name

The domain name takes 48 hrs to be available, till then the site provides a temporary url to access to the site. That was a welcome feel.

Update: I was under the impression that hosting the site includes registration of domain name with the hosting service. But I was wrong. It comes with additional of $15/yr to register a domain name. So I'll be using the temporary url till my site implements some cool functionality.


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