Tuesday, October 25, 2011

accidents and claim

6 months before, I was driving around in a rental car and was getting out of a parking lot. I see a woman in front of me trying to park her car. I stopped far behind and was waiting for her to park. Since she could not fit into the parking space, she came in the reverse, did not notice that I was behind her car, hit my front bumper and cause few dents on the bumper of the car. The woman(crying) accepted her fault and a person from her insurance called me after a while and told that since it was her fault, her insurance will take care of repaying for the damages. Since it was my first time having met with an accident, I was not aware that we need to file a police complaint even though the damages were minor. After a couple of hours closely missing hitting another car thinking about this incident, I handed the car back to my rental company, reported the incident and got another car expecting that if I keep the car, the damages would be imposed citing, I caused those damages. I could literally see the rental guys jumping since they got a chance to claim from a hugely popular insurance company.

Fast forward 6 months later(that is now), a representative from my rental company calls and tells me the woman's insurance is not paying for the damages since the "reported damages did not match the actual damages on the car". It looks like that is a loop hole in the system when there is no proof of police complaint. The bills comes up as $500 and now I'm responsible for paying the damages.That was a total shocker to me who believed in fairness and justice. My internal voice was screaming "Why should I pay for something I didn't cause?". In fact I'm traumatized by that event. I should have sued her. Whenever I see someone backing up in front of my car, I'm terrified. I was lucky to have a third party insurance from hotwire. But there were several questions in my mind whether the insurance would pay for it as I had no police complaint(one among the several documents they require to pay for the claim). I had to scour for a couple of weeks for documents and stuff to provide my insurance guys and they finally paid for the damages. Still I feel bad for my insurance provider as it was never our fault.

Moral: Always file a police complaint for your proof.

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Sunday, October 09, 2011


Somebody ingeniously defined Dancing like this.

- It is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve jobs

Steve Jobs died, i cried, hearing about his death on iPhone, while watching his memorial video on my mac book. Hats off to you the inventor of my era. He left a deep impression on us, thanks to his work ethics and innovative apple products.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Communication gap?

Conversation between an Indian guy and American girl:

IG: Do you like to Dance?(curious if the person next to him likes dance)
AG : I have a boyfriend.

IG: You dance really good(intended to be a compliment).
AG: I'm with a friend.

Seriously, Aren't the answers irrelevant to the question or statement?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 jobs

I think everybody should have 2 jobs one job indoor(working with machines) and another outdoor(working with people) everyday. 4 hours indoor work and 4 hours outdoor. There will be more satisfaction and more productivity.