Wednesday, February 22, 2012

fiddling with iPad

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

/*iPad orientation events*/

window.onorientationchange = detectOrientation;

function detectOrientation(){

if(typeof window.onorientationchange != 'undefined'){
if(orientation === 90){
// landscape mode
}//end if

else if (orientation === -90){
//Other landscape mode

}//end else if

//Portrait mode
}//end else


iPad touch events:


/*Other code here*/

/*Other code here*/


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

laptop stolen

Read this article for ways to get it back.

reddit helps!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Interviews and experience

Last year around same time, I started attending interviews and came across some invaluable pointers which I could share.
  • Talk to lot of recruiters/employers and figure out their approach, their expectations in the candidate
  • Take up as many interviews as possible, this would help equip ourselves and getting better at cracking them
  • Set up for a telephonic interview first in order to let them assess whether they are willing to go ahead
  • Be utmost professional to them, give them a call when you promised so or be ready to take up the call when you promised to be available
  • Never take up unprofessional behavior from recruiters/employers, this in itself will show how you are likely be treated once you are there
  • Read up everything put up in the resume, backing it up with real life incidents
  • Keep up in your technology related blogs and trends for at least 2 months before the interview if you do not already practice it
  • Note down the questions asked in the interviews and look up answers for those which you couldn't answer.
  • If you want to qualify yourself for the job even before attending an interview, develop some reusable code and share it with online community
  • Ultimately remember that employer - employee relationship is a business partnership and it should not require employee to jump hoops to get the job

If you would like to know something more specific, feel free to ask.